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Thank you to Lacey she was so sweet and patient with me I had a lot of questions but made me feel so comfortable.

Our budtenders are top-notch when it comes to cannabis knowledge, and it is very important to me that our budtenders are able to provide accurate recommendations based on experience and scientific understanding of the plant. And of course, they still offer their full Med service and discounts for all California MMJ cardholders.

From the lobby, you can observe our mother plants and clones as our expert growers tend to the cannabis plants. Lately though I've been avoiding Airfield for other dispensaries, not to diminish what Airfield has accomplished, by all means.

With superb customer service and an inspirational collective mission to work towards continuous healing through marijuana and education, this dispensary really does offer a different experience.

Airfield gets my endorsement and that's coming from someone who has spent years on different prescribed and OTC meds. Airfield Supply Co. He was more focused on a customer leaving the facility, which created a queue of about four people.

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