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While knowing the code it changes the way I watch TV, it only increases my admiration for the good writers who do so much within relatively strict confines. The teaser typically consists of one or two introductory scenes that get people interested in your program and that will make them want to stick around for the whole half hour.

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Give your main character characters conflicting goals. Make sure that the problems or challenges of stories A, B and C are wrapped up or have some conclusion by the end of the third act.

Meanwhile, back at Story B, Andy cleans himself in a kiddie pool, but a neighbor steals his boom box.

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Everything must make sense to your characters at least. Share this:.

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Plot out the story lines in your script. Why won't they call? Rule Be Brutal Don't just be brutal on your characters. We like him and want him to win. These are not golden rules. But as for how to construct an episode, various bloggers, from the Wise Sloth to helpful folks at the BBC, noted a basic structure that I immediately recognized in every sitcom episode I tested.

The benefit of this approach is that when you write your actual script, the dialogue magically improves because it's been released from the burden of carrying the plot. If you want brilliant clear plotting, watch The Goldbergs.

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