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So I think the best books don't just have the kind of black and white, straight down the middle, good and evil, they do make you think a bit. I like having something to begin with. And then I was thinking but where does the character come from.

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I thought it might be useful just to talk about the process of making radio drama because as a new writer the slot that you will be pitching towards with Jeremy Howe, our commissioning editor, is the minute afternoon drama.

It will help you avoid repeating yourself over and over again. A good script is truly more of a guide that keeps you on track and gives you the cues you need, but allows you the room for personality, creativity, and improvisation.

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Give Yourself Flexibility This ties into writing your script as if it is going to be spoken aloud. The best way that a writer can get noticed and therefore hopefully get commissioned on radio is to ignore the fantastic, fantastical complexity and mystery of the commissioning process, of which I am kind of the lord and master.

And she told me.

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To get a reputation for being on time. After all, the event is live, so a script can certainly come in handy if you are ever at a loss for words. All of these things are fantastic and a lot of original work with all kinds of fantastic ideas for writers. What I had to learn as a drama producer was to do those two things: not look at the script, not look at the actors. So, you know, I think less is more in that situation. But there's often very, there's, yeah, there's humorous crime fiction around, there's ones where you know, quite quirky, I mean I, I read a smashing one last week by an Australian writer set in the outback and it was absolutely fascinating, something a bit different with the, that the lead character was a mixed race of aboriginal white woman, you know good fun, big mouth, you know a nose for trouble but just a great character. If I were to give one piece of advice to a writer, it would be this. I think sometimes when you go into an interview you'll, oh, what are they going to ask, you're feeling a bit uptight. So it's just carried on, carried on the tradition really.
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8 Tips on How to Write a Radio Script