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In: AJS. The concept was given its final shape by Louis Wirth.

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In: Linton, Ralph ed. NY, p. Characteristics of Urbanism: 1.

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Another solution is to ensure that employment opportunities are available within communities to create that missing link between place of residence and place of employment. It is a developing concept as the urban life pattern Itself, as it appears, is a developing and constantly changing phenomena. Wirth made a logical comparison of how the city population was maintained in the olden days unconsciously, and in this modern world. Individual actions can also affect the growth of the urban area by maintaining its population, since the concentration is one of the significant factors that distinguish the city from rural communities. Chicago, p. Albert J. Following Louis Wirth, Urbanism is a way of life, is characterised by extensive conflicts of norms and values, by rapid social change, by increased social differentiation, greater social mobility, by higher levels of education and income, by emphasis on material possessions and individualism, by impersonality of relationships and decline in Intimate communication and by increase in formal social controls. In: Wirth, Louis; et al.

Urbanism is a category of relevant element terms. As individuals we influence the growth of the city by contributing to the main factors that defines urbanism.

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In: Scientific Monthly, Vol. The family was Jewish and both of his parents were religiously active.

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In other words, the numbers alone cannot simply explain social consequences of densely populated areas, with a large number of community members. The interactions that emerges between most urbanites is more of a fulfillment of personal need than an effort to build a friendship, whereas in a case of peasants it might be to satisfy a personal need and to build a friendship.

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