What is drama

What is drama in english literature

Considered as a genre of poetry in general, the dramatic mode has been contrasted with the epic and the lyrical modes ever since Aristotle's Poetics —the earliest work of dramatic theory. What Makes Drama so Dramatic? In a mystery, for example, dramatic tension builds throughout the plot until an exciting or unanticipated climax is revealed. Melodrama: While it originally referred to dramas that included accompanying music, melodramas now refer to plays that include highly emotional situations in order to play on the feelings of the audience. Beginning in the early Middle Ages , churches staged dramatised versions of biblical events, known as liturgical dramas , to enliven annual celebrations. Characters were often used to represent different ethical ideals. By the end of the play, their opposition is replaced by harmony" Scholes and Klaus. Tragicomedy Photo: kiltoomparish. Alternatively, it can be an amusing use of a word or phrase which has a double meaning. A pun is a play on words which have the same sound but different spellings and meanings. They are mostly love stories with beautiful heroines, charming heroes and scary villains. Unlike comedy and tragedy, tragicomedy emerged a bit later, in the times of Roman Empire. Modern plays may have one or two or three acts, whereas in the past, in the time of Shakespeare, for example, they had as many as five acts.

She falls in love with a young man, Morris Townsend, and wishes to elope with him, but he leaves her in the lurch. They can be the stock characters frequently found in comedies, such as the clever servant or the bossy wife.

By the end of the play, their opposition is replaced by harmony" Scholes and Klaus.

types of drama in literature

In the very Shakespearian happy ending, old enemies become fast friends and the true lovers are united to live happily ever after. It is commonly designed to be spoken and represented by actors on the stage Drama noun a series of real events invested with a dramatic unity and interest Drama noun dramatic composition and the literature pertaining to or illustrating it; dramatic literature Origin: [L.

These genres were never mixed together. The single play that does most to support the charge of obscenity levelled then and now at Restoration comedy is probably Wycherley's masterpiece The Country Wifewhose title contains a lewd pun and whose notorious "china scene" is a series of sustained double entendres.

history of drama

Twenty lean years followed this short golden age, although the achievement of the first professional female playwright, Aphra Behnin the s is an important exception. A dramatic situation in real life drama Noun Rumor, lying or exaggerated reaction to life events; melodrama; an angry dispute or scene; intrigue or spiteful interpersonal maneuvering.

Throughout the film the two encounter several ridiculous and crude situations.

What is drama

Tragic plots and tragic heroes and heroines have specific features of their own which are typical of Shakespearean plays but can be extended to cover tragedies by other playwrights as well.

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