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The Treaty of Versailles directly affected the German people and Hitler. Treaty of Versailles essay can be informative or argumentative type essay Treaty of Versailles essay can be informative or argumentative type essay Less Read the publication Article composed by an intern at custom-essay. This treaty dramatically changed things for the Germans. The end of the First World War resulted in the Allies winning, after the four long years of battle. The Treaty of Versailles was agreed upon at the end of the war to prevent such horror from reoccurring. The nation was deemed responsible for the war, leaving Germany feeling oppressed by the other nations. The United Nations was founded in , making this year, , its 70th anniversary. Rewrite each of versailles papers, signed in june, had-1t, the price.

He believed in the principle of national sovereignty and self-determination that President Woodrow Wilson had promised. Wilson, Woodrow. After the First World War ended in November the leaders of the world needed to come together to determine how to restore European society.

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Hi at the treaty of an essay on provide excellent essay and research papers. The total size of the Germany army is not to exceed The passing of the Treaty of Versailles resulted in unpopular backlash from both Germany and America.

In real life the people involved did not want to be colonies of any country, in fact they wanted to become independent nations.

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Treaty of Versailles Essay