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Lock into position by twisting. Engaging 5. For angles between 45E and 90E, the recommended height above the ground is mm. The Tirfor Ground Anchor is made to aid fast anchoring; Height of Chuck For side to side pulling, or perhaps for sides of up to 45E, secure the anchor catch about mm above the surface.

Place the reversing lever L2 mid-way in the slot, and pour a quantity of oil in front and behind the lever. In this case the cable remains static and the machine and load climb the cable. In this instance the cable remains stationary and the equipment and load climb up the cable television.

The Tirfor Ground Anchor is designed to aid rapid anchoring;Height of Anchorage For horizontal pulling, or for angles of up to 45E, secure the anchor hook about mm above the ground.

Training There are several techniques for lifting: - a The most popular is to anchor the Tirfor by its catch to a set point while near the floor as possible, and take the cable television over a pulley fixed straight above the weight.

Lifting There are several ways of lifting:- a The most popular is to anchor the Tirfor by its hook to a fixed point as near the ground as possible, and take the cable over a pulley fixed directly above the load.

With all the operating take care of on L1, a from side to side lever actions is employed to move the cable through 45 millimeter machine. Anchor machine and cable shackle with the correct sling. Safety Glasses and Gloves.

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As the operating handle is pulled down the machine climbs up the cable about 25mm,, but when the operating handle is moved up again the machine moves down the same 25mm in sympathy with the jaw which is locked onto the cable. Engaging five. This Service Technical Bulletin outlines the basic capacities and safe working procedures for the Tirfor T as used within this Service. Engaging 5. Place the anchor point against a support. Reverse action is still possible using L2 to enable the load to be slackened or lowered. When using the Tirfor machine, if the operation is too hard for one person, the work should be stopped and the hauling cable reeved through a snatch block enabling a pull to be made on two parts of the cable. Move the operating handle to and fro. After use coil up the cable for storage. Never use any other object to replace the telescopic operating handle.

For angles between 45E and 90E, the advised height over a ground is mm.

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Tirfir Coilomatic Essay