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What about the representation of men in all times and ages provided by the author?

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This event is exciting and important as it was very dramatic and solves the issue of the agreement between Shylock and Antonio. In the play, we are introduced to the mistreat that shylock had received from the Christians. Macbeth is a character who is shown to be relying wholly on the witches where he believes everything that these witches predict to him.

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The play may have been written to portray the Christians as the good party in the play as at the time it was written England was very Anti-Semitic William Shakespeare: a Reader's Guide. Harbage, Alfred. Through her deeds we are introduced to other instances of evil in the society.

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The Christians had their reasons for hating the Jews. It is human to resent, and it is human to forgive. By placing the conflict at the center of his play, Shakespeare suggests that the pains of sacrifice are inescapable. Laura, Tom and Amanda have escaping lives.

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