The life and career of lazzaro spallanzani

His investigations into the development of microscopic life in nutrient culture solutions paved the way for the research of Louis Pasteur.

In unraveling the secrets of nature, every aspect of which intrigued or inspired him, he maimed and slaughtered countless animals.

Spallanzani and pasteur

Several eds. By impregnateing silkworm eggs with seed from male silkworms, he succeeded where Malpighi had failed. The scientific communications appear in Commemorazioni Spallanzaniane. The solvent action of this fluid on foodstuffs was determined in vitro at different temperatures. In he published a monograph on the mechanics of stones that bounce when thrown obliquely across water. Two years later he was appointed lecturer in applied mathematics at the small, recently founded University of Reggio Emilia. In his birthplace a bust of Spallanzani stands on a marble mantel. Field observations were correlated with laboratory analyses and thermal tests on volcanic specimens.

Comminuted meats were most readily dissolved; but tendon, cartilage, and soft bone disappeared slowly. Once a small group, jealous of his success, accused him of malpractice in association with the museum that he controlled, but he was soon vindicated.

spontaneous generation

Since the animals did not die from lack of air, he cautiously postulated a toxic exhalation acting upon the nervous system. Spallanzani verified the latter concept by observing such factors as the relationship between the number and size of springs and total precipitation in the area; the water-condensing characteristics of the mountain involved; and the disposition, nature, and water affinity of the constituent strata.

Lazzaro spallanzani biogenesis

From a cavern near the summit of Stromboli he noted that bellowing gas explosions forced up the red-hot lava and ejected massive rocks-an observation fundamental to the science of volcanology. One year later, he experiments with artificial digestion using human gastric juice, taken from his own stomach. He systematically noted how the cardiac systolic force motivated the blood circulation. Yet greater qualities were by no means lacking. Saggio di osservazioni microscopiche. Spallanzani visited them all, undauntedly making several perilous ascents that involved great physical endurance. Education He was at first educated by his father, who was an advocate. There is still no version of his complete works in English.

Spallanzani left additional notes on many thousands of experiments concerning the respiratory processes of animals and plants; Senebier again loyally edited these.

In he was appointed to the chair of mathematics and physics at the university there; later he taught at the University of Modena.

1765 lazzaro spallanzani

Thus rarefaction of the enclosed air was avoided, and the sterility of boiled infusions could be attributed no longer to diminshed elasticity of air in the sealed flasks.

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Lazzaro Spallanzani