The issue of aids epidemic in india one of the most populated countries in the world

Young people, agesaccount for approximately a third of new HIV infections, and in some areas, young women are disproportionally impacted. The adult HIV prevalence at national level has continued its steady decline from an estimated peak of 0.

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Testing and counselling, linkages to tuberculosis care Tuberculosis TB is the most common presenting illness and cause of death among people with HIV. Western and Central Europe and North America. The contributions of affected country governments and civil society have also been critical to the response.

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Delivering for equity covering the populations in need of services. The overall prevalence of HIV in the Indian population is approximately 0. The Caribbean.

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Secretary-General emphasized these commitments, calling for the global community to reinvigorate global efforts to respond to AIDS. An estimated 1. Innovation for acceleration looking towards the future. Increasing availability of condoms and condom use and treatment of STIs have been important components of the prevention programmes. Injecting drug use. Eastern and Southern Africa. In addition, the study showed that the bulk of the depression score was concentrated among children of younger ages for AIDS orphans, while in other orphans it was mostly seen in older children. The strategy includes 5 strategic directions that guide priority actions by countries and by WHO over the next six years. Male and female condom use Correct and consistent use of male and female condoms during vaginal or anal penetration can protect against the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Western and Central Europe and North America. Considerable declines in HIV prevalence have been recorded among female sex workers 5. Prevention and Treatment 11 Numerous prevention interventions exist to combat HIV, and new tools such as vaccines, are currently being researched. Treatment of dependence, and in particular opioid substitution therapy for people dependent on opioids, also helps reduce the risk of HIV transmission and supports adherence to HIV treatment. WHO also recommends offering testing for partners or couples. Middle East and North Africa.

ART does not cure HIV infection but suppresses viral replication within a person's body and allows an individual's immune system to strengthen and regain the capacity to fight off infections. When questioned, Those with undetectable viral loads known as being virally suppressed have effectively no risk of transmitting HIV sexually.

For this reason, WHO and partners are coordinating efforts to enable a faster and more effective development and introduction of age-appropriate pediatric formulations of antiretrovirals. Among those currently infected with HIV, children account for 6.

Transition to dolutegravir has already started in 82 low- and middle-income countries and is expected to improve the durability of the treatment and the quality of care of people living with HIV.

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A distinction was also made between genders; girls orphaned due to AIDS had a higher rate of depression than boys.

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List of countries by HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate