The flaw of the south during the civil war

Lee chose to invade Pennsylvania to forage and, more importantly, to take some pressure off of Virginia.

For the South, republicanism meant that government did not infringe on the liberties of whites. Even as the Republican Party abandoned its earlier idealism, the loyalties created by the war helped it retain national dominance well into the twentieth century.

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The North had begun to industrialize in the early part of the century, this in relation to a primarily agricultural south.

Certainly, the Union overshadowed the Confederacy in manpower and economic resources.

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The author argues that antipathy towards national parties and the existing political system swept through the South in the years leading up to the Civil War. This attitude, which held sway during the war, coupled with the hope that Southerners were creating a pristine republic based on the Founding Fathers ideology, helped the Southern war effort.

Lee in command throughout most of the war.

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In addition to the South's lack of industry, most capital was invested in slaves and land-both of these are non-liquid. When things went well for the Confederacy, attacks and diatribes against the government seemed to lessen in their amount and volatility.

The Confederacy was not in favor of taxing heavily, however most of the taxes they levied were on the lower classes.

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Why the Confederacy Was Not Ready for War