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By Leslie Truex Updated March 12, In the late s, Bert and John Jacob were driving up and down the east coast trying to sell their t-shirts to college students and not having much success. Everyone has the passion of buying and collecting good quality of good design clothes. Bank on your designs You might have a concept that you think is unique. Based on your printing budget, you can also decide whether your customers can design both front and back of the t-shirt or not. If you can accept a little less professional edge for low costs and brighter colour, Inkjet printer might be your way to go. Also, the printer should be able to print n number of design on different quality of fabrics. Sell your product through the drop-shipper who can take care of your orders. Lots of polo t-shirts are printed using this method. Step 7. They often use their clothing to portray their personality and style. This gives the user convenient access to the lower platen without having to reach under the heated upper platen.

The machine involved will completely print the surface of the t-shirt which gives a lot of difference than the other. Each of these elements needs to be considered closely before moving forward: Niche: Being more specific will help you stand out as well as better attract and market to the right audience without blowing your budget Design: The majority of people that are purchasing graphic tees are looking for designs, graphics, and slogans that connect with them and reflect their opinions and personality Quality: The quality of the shirts you use and the prints need to be top notch to build a sustainable business Brand: A strong, interesting brand is vital in the t-shirt industry Inventory: Will you manage your own inventory to take advantage of volume discounts or use a print-on-demand service to save time and effort Let's take a deeper look at each one.

You can purchase a store, upload the logo of your brand, pick the theme you like and start selling printed t-shirts on the platform.

t shirt printing business package philippines

Management Your T-Shirt! Are you ready to print? You will be able to find several companies who will take care of storage, packing and shipping of your orders. Your business plan outlines your product, the ideal market, your financial projections and sales goals.

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While in college David produced and sold tie-dye shirts. Here is a rundown on some basic things you would possibly keep in mind should you start venturing into t-shirt printing services. Now, for startup entrepreneurs who considered everything but thinking of a small capital you begin with, that is a good investment plan. Having a self-hosted platform You can also have a custom developed Ecommerce solution for your business. So the clients could easily mention it to their friends, especially when they are asked where do they get that nice shirt. Here in Phil T Shirts Inc. Your shop will just be sitting there if you do not advertise.

By holding your own inventory, you can more easily sell in-person and potentially improve your profit margins, whereas with print-on-demand, you take on a lot less risk. Drawbacks Not advisable for bulk production Not possible to give volume discounts D.

It is better to hire professionals to do the job if you are not comfortable with the printing process.

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Not cost effective for large production runs. Sell your product through the drop-shipper who can take care of your orders. Or you might have some designs waiting in the burner, and you think it can be a marketable design. Heat transfer Source: Transfer Express Heat transfers have also been around for a long time and exist in several forms. Thereafter, you need to follow these steps: A. Along with a business name, you need to determine your business structure i. Also, include the costs incurred shipping boxes and storing products.

Niche You hear this term tossed around a lot, but nowhere is it more important to choose a niche than in the graphic t-shirt industry. This is a very expensive business to start, it requires a heavy-duty machinery.

T shirt printing business plan philippines logo

Below heat presses has been ranked according to their efficiency. Here are tips and resources to starting your own successful t-shirt business from home. This type is kinda messy for it requires different screens for each color. Find suppliers and order them in bulk, as prices go down when they are bought in large numbers. Print the t-shirt: Last but not the least, you can print the t-shirt using whichever method you are comfortable with using the printer of your choice. But normal pressing iron pressing works too. Liaise with a logistics company that can take care of your warehousing and fulfillment. There are three commonly followed ways of printing t-shirts. Cons Lower quality and less durable than direct-to-garment and screen printing. Not only the youngsters but all group of ages loved to wear printed shirts that a lot of thoughts they think reflects their personality. You might consider hiring a designer to create a high quality image.

For eg, Printed rock band t-shirts for teens or printed sport t-shirts for adults. In a worst case scenario, they might have to start from the scratch.

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