Summary of republic act no 9700

Although the majority of the provisions in the CARPER law are pro-farmers, many reforms are still pending and continuously advocated at the executive, legislative and judiciary.

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It aimed to complete 7. Such period is shorter than that of CARL. Review of Limits of Land Size. In order to carry out the objectives of this Act, the COCAR shall be provided with the necessary appropriations for its operation.

This law also amends other provisions and regulations formerly stated in the CARP.

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Funding Source. Estrada highlighted that there was a need to conceptualize new approaches in doing things to build a new social agreement where producers, government and private sectors work with a common goal.

Benefits of comprehensive agrarian reform program

Owners of agricultural land have the obligation to cultivate directly or through labor administration the lands they own and thereby make the land productive. The appeal to the Office of the President OP is available and is strategic for dialogue. On Oct. No VLT applications will be allowed after July 1, The planning and implementation for land acquisition and distribution shall be hand-in-hand with support services delivery: Provided, further, That for the next five 5 years, as far as practicable, a minimum of two 2 Agrarian Reform Communities ARCs shall be established by the DAR, in coordination with the local government units, non-governmental organizations, 'community-based cooperatives and people's organizations in each legislative district with a predominant agricultural population: Provided, furthermore, That the areas in which the ARCS are to be established shall have been substantially covered under the provisions of this Act and other agrarian or land reform laws: Provided, finally, That a complementary support services delivery strategy for existing agrarian reform beneficiaries that are not in barangays within the ARCs shall be adopted by the DAR. Support Services for the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries. It shall provide support to such fishermen through appropriate technology and research, adequate financial, production and marketing assistance and other services. Around 9. Such interpretation was absurd, expensive and would definitely prolong the LAD. Approved: Speaker of the House of Representatives Sgd. This is the learning from the Hacienda Malaga Case were the only reason for the delay in installation is the standing crop. The target land to be given to farmer beneficiaries under this Administration was 3. In observing these time periods, the DAR had perforce to define specific steps and formulate specific procedures, with carefully studied forms to be used in the implementation of the extended program.

There shall be incorporated after Section 37 of Republic Act No. The amortization depends on the annual gross production determined by the DAR which will effectively make the amortization of farmer beneficiaries affordable.

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