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When necessary, he is even willing to risk his life for what he believes in. She's like Hassan, because of the harelip and the being nice stuff. Amir meets the Taliban leader, who reveals himself as Assef.

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She resembles Amir because she also has a checkered past. You have a visa to go to America, to live with me and my wife. When Amir finds out about Baba's betrayal of Ali and subsequent betrayal of Hassan , he realizes that everything he thought he knew and understood about his father was false. Sohrab is the son of Hassan. Sohrab is being kept at Assef's house as a dancing boy. Sign in! Before the events of the novel, Ali had been struck with polio, rendering his right leg useless.

But Baba has been dead for fifteen years, and there is nothing he can do about the situation. At age 18, he and his father flee to America following the Soviet Military invasion of Afghanistan, where he pursues his dream of being a writer.

Redemption in the kite runner

Amir is freed of the daily reminder of his cowardice and betrayal, but he still lives in their shadow. Amir realizes this when he returns to Afghanistan. Saying I hated him Read an in-depth analysis of Amir. Amir, searches for Sohrab, accompanied by Farid, an Afghan taxi driver, and veteran of the war with the Soviets. Amir meets the Taliban leader, who reveals himself as Assef. Baba believes first and foremost in doing what is right and thinking for oneself, and he tries to impart these qualities to Amir.

Though Sofia died during childbirth, Amir knows she loved literature as he does. Did we say she's incredibly kind?

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To sum up: Soraya brings some measure of peace to Amir's life, but she also reminds Amir of his not-so-good past. We think it kind of is. Baba is diagnosed with terminal cancer but is still capable of granting Amir one last favor: he asks Soraya's father's permission for Amir to marry her.

He enigmatically tells Amir, "There is a way to be good again.

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Cowardly and conformist, Kamal helps Assef rape Hassan.

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