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Through Instagram, teams can post photos and videos about their charity directly to their timeline. These posts could then, in turn, lead to additional opportunities with other charities and could help increase the standing of the team in the eyes of the public.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 18 1 Other examples of charitable posts include the Arizona Diamondbacks providing information about a charitable auction and the Oakland Athletics posting photos during their Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Strategic philanthropy and partnerships for economic progress.

Sports social responsibility

Will it be a team? Corporate social responsibility and financial performance. McWilliams, A. Varadarajan, P. And while there are positive examples of socially responsible action in sports e. Sport marketing quarterly, 21 4 , Previous research has focused primarily on Twitter 11, 14, 15, 30 , but with more users now on Instagram 18 , it is important to examine how teams are using the photo-sharing network. Newman, M. Why twitter displaces broadcast sports media: a model. Social responsibility is about the sport-society intersection. Only 53 posts 3. Sport Management Review, 16 3 ,

Courtesy utexas. This leads to a scenario in which teams have to find a balance between their corporate social responsibility and their desire to give their fans content that is interesting to them.

responsibility in sports

Professional team sport and twitter: gratifications sought and obtained by followers.

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MLB reorganizes its diversity and social responsibility leadership structure