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Two weeks later, the same jury recommended the death sentence on 19 counts. When she raised her head he shot her once in the forehead, killing her.

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A full-scale police operation yielded no concrete results, and Ramirez repeated his attack pattern on pensioners William and Lillie Doi in May The two spent a lot of time together, smoking pot and talking about war. Death always went with the territory. Just 10 days later, on March 27, Ramirez murdered year-old Vincent Zazzara and Zazzara's year-old wife, Maxine, using an attack style that would become a pattern for the killer: The husband was shot first, then the wife was brutally assaulted and stabbed to death.

According to reports, when he was 12 years old, a cousin who was a Vietnam War veteran showed him pictures of Vietnamese women he had allegedly raped, tortured, and killed. For 14 months, Ramirez traveled all over California, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, murdering, raping and robbing. InRamirez's DNA was matched to a sample obtained at this crime scene.

On August 30, his mugshot made its way to the television and newspapers. Over the next few months, his murder rate escalated, claiming another dozen victims in a frenzy of burglary, assault and brutal violence, complete with Satanic rituals.

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Richard Ramirez And The Twisted Story Of The "Night Stalker" Serial Killer