Performance of education graduates in the licensure examination for teachers

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Descriptive research design was employed. Specifically, it to measure more validly the impact of the campus determines the performances of the graduates in the services on their LET performance. The average scores were given interpretation using this scale: Outstanding.

These few empirical observations for course audit which graduates, in general, had below satisfactory LET might have affected its relationship with licensure ratings.

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Lastly, Results of the computation of linear regression reveal that both GWA and pre-board performance can significantly predict the outcome of the licensure examination for teachers. Course audit scores, 12 units It Major. This shows that the admission test However, the current study proves that course audit can serve as basis for determining LET performance performance can predict LET performance in Major in General Education and Professional Education.

According to 1. Table 1. This study looked into the performance of BSEd graduates of compared to the national performance. Hence, [6] Barlis, J. Factors associated with the LET performance in all areas. A closer look of the performance revealed the scores in the three components of LET such as the General Education Gen. This further looked at what major of specializations performed best, and which major of specializations need further study to improve its performance. This study aims to look at the performance of the Bachelor of Secondary Education graduates of Bulacan State University BulSU in relation to the national performance, and the performance in the three components of the LET. Professional Education Prof. In this regard, the performances of graduates in Mean was also utilized in gauging course audit academics, admission test, and course audit can also scores whose results were interpreted similarly to the be used to forecast their LET scores.

Specifically this answered the following questions: i. This finding emphasizes that course audit Area r p Remarks review and licensure examination are not significantly General Education. Table 7 revealed that they failed their course audit Table 9. On CAT scores after these were categorized based on the the other hand, institutions are bound to provide a following remarks: 1 — Unsatisfactory; 21 — comprehensive course audit for their students.

Keywords General education subjects, professional education subjects, major courses. Consequently, it is of [1] Visco, D. How is the performance of BSEd graduates be compared to the national performance? It Major. The national performance is below the fifty percent passing rate. This shows that there is a need to examine the performance of the teacher education institutions for most are not producing quality graduates who will teach the youth of the country. Specifically, this study sought to determine the LET performance of the graduates in three subject areas included in the board exam namely general education, major subjects and professional education; to determine whether general weighted average GWA and pre-board performance were significantly correlated to LET Performance and whether the two independent variables can significantly predict the outcome of Licensure Examination for Teachers.

One of the ten areas to be evaluated is the LET performance of the graduates for the last years.

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