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For example, melting polar ice caps through global warming will reduce the amount of solar radiation that is reflected back out to space the Earth's surface becomes less reflectiveso producing more warming, which in turn will melt more ice, and so on — a positive feedback. These organisms make their energy from combining sunlight and carbon dioxide—so more carbon dioxide in the water doesn't hurt them, but helps.

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Studying the effects of acidification with other stressors such as warming and pollution, is also important, since acidification is not the only way that humans are changing the oceans. The marine inorganic carbon system along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts of the United States: Insights from a transregional coastal carbon study.

Panel A shows model-reconstructed historical changes plus a projection of future changes to the year both following Turley et al.

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Filling Gaps in Understanding of Biological Impacts Addressing OA to minimize impacts requires the development of a mechanistic understanding of biological effects. The local processes that govern these modifications may also serve to amplify or dampen global changes expected from global earth system model projections, potentially altering the ecological consequences for shelf systems.

While there is still a lot to learn, these findings suggest that we may see unpredictable changes in animal behavior under acidification.

Early studies found that, like other shelled animals, their shells weakened, making them susceptible to damage. It's kind of like making a short stop while driving a car: even if you slam the brakes, the car will still move for tens or hundreds of feet before coming to a halt.

Effects of ocean acidification on the embryos and larvae of red king crab, Paralithodes camtschaticus. Buffering will take thousands of years, which is way too long a period of time for the ocean organisms affected now and in the near future. Meta-analysis reveals complex marine biological responses to the interactive effects of ocean acidification and warming.

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Ocean Acidification