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nursing care plan for death and dying

Pain may be precipitated by identifiable triggers, or occur spontaneously, requiring use of short half-life agents for rescue or supplemental doses. You can only make a living will when you are mentally able. Provides information about level of hydration and corresponding deficits. Forensic autopsies should be carried out only in cases involving occupational diseases.

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Assess degree of personal adjustment to diagnosis, such as anger, irritability, withdrawal, acceptance. It can also include non medical information, such as the type of food you prefer, or what your religious beliefs are.

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Inaccurate information regarding drug use or fear of addiction or oversedation may impair pain control efforts. Promotes and encourages realistic dialogue about feelings and concerns.

You can also talk about it with someone you are close to. Adjust medication regimen as necessary. Pain of more than 6 mo duration constitutes chronic painwhich may affect therapeutic choices.

Verbalize understanding of the dying process and feelings of being supported in grief work. Encourage patient to eat high-calorie, nutrient-rich diet, with adequate fluid intake.

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Use therapeutic communication skills of active listening, affirmation, and so on. Wilkie 1Dept. Some argue that anticipatory grief may lead to a prolonged grief reaction, 4 whereas some argue that it aids recovery from the grief process after death, and others that it is not related to post-death bereavement. Can provide guidelines for participation in activities. Helps in developing a plan for managing fatigue. Hematest stools, gastric secretions. IM use is not recommended because absorption is not reliable, in addition to being painful and inconvenient. Follow prescribed pharmacological regimen. Helps in identification of protein-calorie malnutrition, especially when weight and anthropometric measurements are less than normal. Provide open, nonjudgmental environment. You can let them know at any time if these change.
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Nursing Care Plan for "End of Life_Hospice Care"