Miss sarah nadwick

We could have wished that Mr. The concert was very well and respect- ably attended, and seemed to give satisfaction to the audience, several pieces being encored. Three special cars were required to transfer the graduating class from the city to the picnicking place.


A portion of this line, from Lampeter to Ystrad- meurig, was opened en Monday last. May- 19, saw one of the largest crowds ever as aembled in the Franklin High School 'auditorium.

Turnor always felt the greatest pleasure in discharging their duties. A new plan for the selection of the staff has been adopted.

A couple of crates of oranges and a string of bananas were also in-I eluded. The hostile attitude of the above named States has required that their independence should cease.

The party was token in the launch Eva down to "Sauvie's Island" at the mouth of the river, whore a bonfire was built and luni-h eaten.

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The Devil and Miss Sarah (TV Movie )