Martin luther king and malcolm x whose philosofy made most sense essay

martin luther king and malcolm x whose philosophy made the most sense for america in the 1960s dbq

Blacks and Whites. It may stop the act at the time, but it will never prevent it from ever happening again. Whites made it nearly impossible for a Black person to vote without the fear of being punished for it.

His idea of separation was what the nation needed to end the problem the Civil Rights movement was addressing, forever.

martin luther king and malcolm x: whose philosophy pdf

That is how things were back then, and little King Jr. While in jail, Malcolm met a man that would change the way he viewed the world forever. Martin Luther king and Malcolm X both had different views on how america should be and people also saw them as two different people but they both had the same target.

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malcolm x and martin luther king
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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X: Whose Philosofy Made Most Sense Essay Example