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Hence, they may order secondary research reports from companies like Nielsen or Forrester Research. The key concern may be which percentage of the customer base would no longer purchase the product because of the warning.

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Markets Small companies use marketing intelligence and marketing research to study their markets. References 6. Online platforms like chat rooms, blogs, discussion forums, customer review boards can be used to generate customer feedback. The practice of collecting, analyzing, and acting on market intelligence can go by many different names — from competitive intelligence to consumer insights to market research and every combination of those terms. This enables the firm to understand customer experiences and impressions. Our goals are to help you reduce the time spent on information monitoring, improve your analysis, and increase your overall information intake. Market intelligence helps you to become customer-centric, understand the market demands and consumer opinions, collect real-time relevant data, boost your upselling opportunities, reduce risks, capture higher market shares and gives you a competitive advantage. Competitive Information Another type of marketing intelligence is competitive information. A company usually uses a SWOT analysis to compare its strengths and weaknesses against key competitors. Companies need to know about changes in the market, competitor's new products, and customer preferences. Understanding such information can enable a company to strategically launch their models at the right time and price. The restaurant management team would also need to survey customers to determine whether what other menu items customers may like. The basic goal of competitive intelligence is to make better business decisions. An interview with a subject matter expert in technological solutions can give a company valuable information as to what is trending and what can be expected in the near future. There are four main corner stones of marketing intelligence.

The first one is competitor intelligence, the others are product intelligence, market understanding and customer understanding. Understanding this information will enable a company to sell better and make changes in their products according to the demand.

This information goes far behind the typical name, address and emails of customers. For example, if Ben learned that his customers were increasingly active in the mobile market or that his competitors were introducing new products for mobile devices, he would know that his company needs to offer more mobile products to keep up.

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Market Understanding is a concept wherein the company tries to understand the performance of the product in which it is already operating as well as looks at other markets where it wants to launch its product thoroughly. For example, Brands have cameras fitted in their stores, which are continuously recording and viewed later to understand the behavior of their consumers. A cleaning products marketer, for example, may discover she must start including a "hazardous substance" warning on all bottles through marketing intelligence: a national trade magazine. Competitive intelligence describes the broader discipline of researching, analyzing and formulating data and information from the entire competitive environment of any organization. In order to collect marketing intelligence, marketing managers must be in constant touch with relevant books, newspapers and trade publications. Markets Small companies use marketing intelligence and marketing research to study their markets. Gives a competitive advantage — First mover advantage or the launch of a product at the perfect time is a well heard off statement in a lot of business conversation.

Market Intelligence: Definition Market intelligence is defined as the information or data that is derived by an organization from the market it operates in or wants to operate in, to help determine market segmentation, market penetration, market opportunity, and existing market metrics.

Therefore, it gets very difficult to convince the consumer to take the survey, thus reducing response rate s, as well as the quality of responses.

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Marketing intelligence