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For these reasons I would very much like to spend time living, learning and teaching in Japan.

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Then continue on to play up your strengths in whatever you have experience in. A desire to connect with Japanese students? You will look at it and scrutinize it and question yourself and tweak it over and over again.

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I am confident that the ALT position will allow me to incorporate my love of teaching with my passion for Japanese culture in a unique way. You can answer the three questions distinctly or, if you prefer, write it in one essay. The person reading your SoP will have read the application. It won't reflect well on you if you don't have adequate command of the English language yourself. The key here is to show that you've done social, interactive things before. It is provided FYI. Japan is not just Australia's most important trading partner. Due largely to my experience in South Africa, I have learned that creativity and enthusiasm know no language borders, and are keys in inspiring students to succeed academically. Interested in pursuing this career path, I also felt it would be prudent to gain teaching experience. Concrete examples are very helpful here. These values of internationalization and communication—and their grassroots implementation in Japan—lead me to apply to the JET Program. More importantly, how can you make your story interesting enough to land you a JET Program interview? Teaching English to the Japanese will unlock communication barriers, helping spread linguistic liberty in communities that would not ordinarily have access to such communicative freedom. For the love of God, do not, do not, DO NOT just write about how you want to go to Japan because you like anime and manga and want to live in a nerd paradise!

While I waited for the film to start, she produced a few squares of colored paper and began folding them into animals and flowers.

Tutoring has given me patience with students unfamiliar with the rules of English composition, grammar, and nuance.

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The person reading your SoP will have read the application. Even if you don't, I'm sure you've had to work with others for something in the past. Getting rid of unnecessary words and sentences You have a page limit for the essay so you need to make every sentence count in order to get everything you want to say across to the reader in two pages.

Make sure you make changes suggested to you based on your own personal judgement. This fusion of my two passions into one program solidified my interest in JET and I knew that I would have to prepare myself to be able to give as much to the program as I would receive.

I have performed for two years in a critically-acclaimed improvisational play, and I landed a lead role in a feature-length film. Please do not advocate that applicants should break any of the parameters that have been set by the JET Program.

The key to successfully using the motivational component in your essay is that you expand on it.

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