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Reliable knowledge is sometimes called justified true belief, to distinguish reliable knowledge from belief that is false and unjustified or even true but unjustified.

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In science, this suggested solution or answer is called a scientific hypothesis, and this is one of the most important steps a scientist can perform, because the proposed hypothesis must be stated in such a way that it is testable. In fact, most individuals believe in things that are untrue or unjustified or both: most people possess a lot of unreliable knowledge and, what's worse, they act on that knowledge! Biologists study all forms of life, from the smallest bacterium to the mighty blue whale. Every person has knowledge or beliefs, but not all of each person's knowledge is reliably true and justified. This document has been accessed times. Helmenstine holds a Ph. But scientific thinking is not reserved solely for scientists. We can contrast empirical evidence with other types of evidence to understand its value. For example, all scientists are very curious about nature, and they have to possess this emotional characteristic to sustain the motivation and energy necessary to perform the hard and often tedious work of science. The supernatural, if it exists, cannot be examined or tested by science, so it is irrelevant to science.

Scientific and critical thinking require that one reject blind faith, authority, revelation, and subjective human feelings as a basis for reliable belief and knowledge.

But remember this: emotions are not evidence, feelings are not facts, and subjective beliefs are not substantive beliefs.

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Great ingenuity and hard work on the part of the scientist is often necessary to make scientific observations. If the logical consequences of your beliefs match objective reality--as measured by empirical evidence--you can conclude that your beliefs are reliable knowledge that is, your beliefs have a high probability of being true.

In critical thinking, as in science, your proposed answer or solution must be testable, otherwise it is essentially useless for further investigation.

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Many outside factors can come into play here. Here I will only treat it briefly and superficially. It is impossible to possess reliable knowledge about the supernatural by the use of scientific and critical thinking.

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Intro to Science