How to write an article for a peer reviewed journal

How to write a journal article

So be polite, honest and clear. Information Gathered: Images, Graphs and Data Tables If you find yourself looking at a piece of information from which you cannot discern a story, then you should ask for improvements in presentation. Try to find out the acceptance rate of the journal. Where methods are not detailed enough, it's usual to ask for the methods section to be revised. It is important to do the tasks in the stated order. Some people write beautifully and effortlessly while others feel like they are sweating out each word. The elements of style. What was discovered or confirmed? In e-publishing, some journals allow appendix materials such as video files, sound, and URL access that are difficult or impossible to include in print journals, as well as more traditional materials. One way to check the completeness of this section is to have a colleague read it and ask her to verify if she could carry out this research project wholly from the Methods section. Yet praise from a professor or colleagues does not set aside the need for the novice author to scrutinize every aspect of her text to see that it conforms with the demands of a scientific article. In particular, bear in mind that some journals will not want the recommendation included in any comments to authors, as this can cause editors difficulty later - see Section 11 for more advice about working with editors. This may be appropriate but only if authors report on how the image has been edited e.

Instead, it would need to change the way we think about some aspect of your field. Do not allow any chance for misunderstanding. Your analysis is a clear message that the authors need to work on how they communicate their intentions.

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Does the author s have an affiliation or association? Make certain that your title and abstract match the final version of your article.

If a manuscript only uses half the citations typical in its field, this may be an indicator that referencing should be improved - but don't be guided solely by quantity References should be relevant, recent and readily retrievable Balance Check for a well-balanced list of references that is: Helpful to the reader Fair to competing authors Not over-reliant on self-citation Gives due recognition to the initial discoveries and related work that led to the work under assessment You should be able to evaluate whether the article meets the criteria for balanced referencing without looking up every reference.

Editors say, "Does the Abstract highlight the important findings of the study?

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Where research is not replicable, the paper should be recommended for rejection.

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How to write a thorough peer review