Globalization in the hospitality industry essay

impact of integration within the hospitality industry

Tourism is an industry that is rapidly growing as more and more people are traveling abroad. First of all the definition of globalization will be explained. Employment opportunities are many, but eagerly sought by a vast majority of people.

Furthermore, due to globalization, companies may choose to outsource a department to another country.

appraise the relationship of travel in the international hotel and restaurant industry

Apart from having partnership, this company is also coming up with their own branded hotels. Racism is still a part of some people but due to globalization it is getting hidden. The process of globalization has played a major role in expanding their profits and laying their business across their own boundaries.

The accommodation sector presents a vital part in the hospitality industry, because an accommodation is essential as like food and beverage, for anyone spending time away from home.

advantages of globalization in hospitality industry

Globalization also helps them to understand what importance of humanity is.

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Essay on Importance of Globalization in Hospitality