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George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion" is a humorous and ethical drama depicting the lively social classes and lifestyle of the UK. Eventually, the sculpture Galatea turns into a real human and married to Pygmalion.

When Eliza meets a man named Higgins, he makes assumptions about her intelligence based on her speech. As Eliza's verbal ability increases, so does her personality and self-esteem; and Higgins's failure to recognize her changes leads to a severe strain on their relationship.

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In other words, it does not interfere with other social classes without interfering with society. It left him feeling very depressed.

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These four emotions helps the audience decide what they feel towards Shaw creates a lot of humour often in ways where Higgins is not aware of it. He serves the plot as nothing more than a physical representation of where Eliza comes from. His characters are usually seen as mere puppets propelled by the crisis of the plot or as mouthpieces for his socialist viewpoint. Shaw wrote many plays, which expressed his opinions, one of the most famous being Pygmalion At his prayer, Aphrodite brought the statue to life as Galatea. It was written two years before the 1st world war, at a time when society was divided and the poor were severely disadvantaged whilst the rich were idle and blindly living their life, unconcerned about the affairs of others. I liked the Pygmalion myth; I thought it was sweet and beautiful. A sculptor Pygmalion made a woman sculpture and named Galatea, and fell in love with the sculpture. The Themes of Pygmalion, by Bernard Shaw - The play, Pygmalion, by Bernard Shaw is about a phonetics expert who makes a bet that he can pass a Cockney flower girl as a duchess in the matter of a few months. In the play 'Pygmalion', by Bernard Shaw, Liza gains many benefits, but also disadvantages from her relationship with Higgins. These two books follow the journeys of two women, one in the early s named Eliza and one in the s named Rita.

Or on a darker scale, he is committing an unlawful act against a woman. Although their perspectives differ, they both live for themselves Studies have shown that minority groups continue to score lower academically than white students, save Asian and pacific island students that score higher that white students.

Clearly they are not authorial stooges.

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