Four interviews on the welfare system

Recipients could not remain on the rolls for longer than 60 months five years. Perhaps more important, it could retain such support over the long haul, because it would be seen as re-enforcing rather than subverting the work ethic.

problems with welfare

The program was funded by a combination of federal and state funds the federal portion varied from 50 to 80 percentwith states setting benefit levels and the federal government determining eligibility requirements.

Infor example, low-income families in Midwestern metropolitan areas with 1. Understaffing offices, so recipients must wait all day to do their business, can also cut the rolls.

States were initially to have at least 40 percent of their welfare recipients either working or participating in activities that prepare one for work, which percentage was to increase to 50 percent by They are also dangerous. It is also incompatible with the evidence.

Underclass recipients have almost no chance of getting off the rolls unless they marry.

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Benefits of Social Welfare Systems Available benefits generally cover assistance for food, housing, child care, and medical care.

At that point she may ask her relatives to take the children, at least temporarily.

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Social Welfare System Definition