Examples of differentiation strategy

Chipotle Differentiator: making fast-service Mexican food better through high-quality ingredients.

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Their marketing is simple and genuine emotion. Our goal today is to provide inspiration that will help you answer the most crucial question about your brand: what makes you truly different?

Focused differentiation strategy company examples

Promoting the brand and capitalizing on the Virgin name has been essential to the success of the company. Selling the most expensive products in a market is a counterintuitive differentiation strategy. They started with just black executive Lincoln Towncars. Specifically, the brand loyalty that customers feel to a differentiated product makes it difficult for a new entrant to lure these customers to adopt its product. In some cases, customers may simply prefer a cheaper alternative. Not selling. As a bonus, some students may develop leadership skills by running the discussion. Product differentiation or just differentiation is a marketing process of differentiating an offering product or service from others in the market, to make it more appealing to the target audience. Chanel enjoys strong margins because their well-known name allows them to charge a premium for their handbags.

References 3. Organizational differentiation is yet another form of advantage.

service differentiation examples

In terms of customer convenience, Express Oil Change is faster than most of our competitors—we do a ten-minute oil change while the customer stays in the car. Through their business model of innovation and design, they have branded their company as the forerunner in marketing, service and sales.

One such example is Campaign Monitor.

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There is no appointment necessary for many mechanical services like tire rotation and balancing, and checking brakes.

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6 Proven Product Differentiation Strategies & Real Examples