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The sequel is tough and for sure a gripping story.

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Sep 11, Akhil Sai rated it it was amazing Luved it. Kabir tell his sad story which is so funny. While we pace through some crime stories, we also stroll along with the characters of some novels, just to feel what the characters do.

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Every character is same and is Savi herself. This story is of Meera who is searching a boyfriendno, a story.

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Started crying. It helps them rebuild. He tells his dramatic past. Loved the way of writing ,warm characterization ,suspense till the end. I shall be sharing more. Let me tell you Meera, death of a family member is a great card to play in your story, but you need to use it in right way. Or Love blogs. No story.

The characters seem to be an okay bunch but they too sometimes ended up doing things for no reason apparently. Vivaan tell her he have no mother.

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One day, someone shows up. Kabir is manager at cafe. The plot is just missing and it actually cannot be called a plot. And that was it! Life is too short to worry about everything. Even after the accident, no one arrived to see her. There were certainly interesting moments in the story but they were short lived. She wanted to hug him. But failed miserably.

Just assume it is given by Kabir. Did I miss anything?

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So they meet.

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Book Review: Everyone Has a Story by Savi Sharma