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He'd held that position for several years before leaving two years ago.

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Later that day, sources say, Ms. Crull called Wendy Freeman, the president of CTV News, according to sources close to the network who spoke on condition of anonymity. The Caine Mutiny. Broad public service, farm and educational programming plans firmed up. He was In late January, the regulator banned substitution of Canadian ads in U. Members of the newly licensed second television stations formed the Independent Television Organization with the expectation of creating a second television network in competition with the CBC. Long-time reporter Glen Cochrane retired January The remaining were offered an enhanced severance package if they resigned. Ken Cavanaugh would anchor the broadcast. Feature film library - Columbia Post films brand new to television. Mike Darow could be seen on channel 9.

The new station would broadcast on channel 9 with an effective radiated power ofwatts video andwatts audio. Notes - Gail Smith left October He was rebuffed, with a CRTC spokesman saying the commission "does not conduct business behind closed doors. CFTO was now operating from an effective height above average terrain of 1, feet.

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LaPointe added: "Dennis has an exceptional reputation in journalism and he has provided great leadership and service at CTV News. Peter Ruttguizer was doing sports. This decision was a disappointment. Construction of channel 9 facilities is progressing rapidly. George Lund was named senior VP for Ontario, a new position. Ross de la Cruz died November 3 at Sean R. The Jolson Story. Jack Ruttle was appointed program and promotion manager. Bill Byram, we work with you and sell for you with knowledge and good sense.

David Kenneth R. The U.

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Raymond J. Two other investors were added to the deal, including Torstar Corp.

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