Critical essay on stealing

Critical essay on stealing

Anne is also a strong example of this prejudice. But she also creates an element of sympathy for this character.

stealing poem analysis

Neither are we told the gender or age of the thief, which I think all adds to the air of mystery the poem has. His hard work is not going to bring him the companionship he longs for it will only cause pain.

It almost gives the reader a chance to understand why they are so hateful.

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Another reason for stealing the snowman could be simply because the thief wanted him. She does not know that she is an aboriginal. But she also creates an element of sympathy for this character. In reading this poem we are shown both the disturbing sides of criminals but also the softer side. Like someone relaxing on a sun lounger. We begin to wonder who the persona could be speaking to, other than the reader, and it becomes clear that there is something vulnerable, childlike and lonely about the character. The speaker is so complex and Duffy cleverly gives us such an insight to his mind that we cannot help be convinced by the disturbed character. Looking back on their misdeeds, perhaps? The fact that he steals a snowman, something typically associated with children and joy, implies that he is destructive - perhaps that something lacking form his own life. Once again in the fourth line Duffy uses another clever enjambment line.

The last reason would be boredom as it plays a big part in the closing verse. Interestingly I first imagined a female narrator, but the consensus suggests that it is a male.

Step 3 You will now write your four main body paragraphs but before we do plan the stanzas and quote you wish to use. Remember you are selecting quote that help you to prove this persona becomes real. This idea is solidified in the penultimate sentence when the narrator says he gets a thrill out of knowing that stealing the snowman will hurt children. By referring to poetic techniques, explain how the poet creates a convincing portrayal of the character. Their worth was seen as minimal and only useful to Europeans as slaves. Duffy helps us to appreciate the intense emotions of this realistic and disturbed speaker and understand his isolation. She does not know that she is an aboriginal. We are left to wonder at the social upbringing and society in which the speaker lives and what will happen to him. Looking back on their misdeeds, perhaps? They did this by forcibly removing children from their homes and placing many laws on the Aboriginals which caused them to turn to the European life style.

The atmosphere created when the snowman is stolen is quite daunting.

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Analysis of Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy