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This report showcase that an engineer is keeping himself up-to-date with latest developments in field of engineering. The project involved operating the loads with micro switches to avoid huge switchgears in some of the switching systems. I kept interacting with my team at all times to motivate them. Background CE 2. I prepared a function table for high logical level and low logical level. But every method had its own disadvantages like losses, need of separate current control loop, coordinate transformation thus increasing the complexity of the controller , torque and current ripple etc. We also discuss the timeline of the project. EA approves prescriptive composition style for Career Episodes.

Then I arranged a kick off meeting with my team in the presence of the project supervisor and coordinator. If I faced any difficulty, I always informed the project supervisor and other team members.

In order to get the optimum efficiency in steady state and the highest torque response in transient state at the same time, I adjusted the flux level automatically via controller.

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All our professional CDR writers have done masters in engineering from reputed universities across the world. Career Episode is a report for Engineers in Australia which depicts the significant contributions and activities during their entire engineering education and the work experience they have gained.

PWM is a common technique for speed control.

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CPD is a document of skills, knowledge and experience that you gained both formally and informally beyond initial training. Background CE 2. I also prepared a project schedule to carry out all the tasks in an efficient manner. In the final meeting, I presented the project in front of all the team members, project supervisor and project coordinator Summary CE 1.

My supervisor and head of the department appreciated me after the final presentation.

Cdr electrical engineer

I followed the IEEE standards while carrying out design activities. I studied a number of publications and research papers to strengthen my theoretical knowledge. Design is given good weightage, therefore, do not lack in design and try to include that wherever it is possible.

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I first measured the speed of the motor. It implicates that you should use words like I looked into, I arranged, I gauged and so on. If the switching frequency was extremely low, the control circuit made some drift which could be compensated easily to minimize the machine parameter variation. It describes a position or an engineering project in which you have participated. There are lot of International students More than , take admission in the Australian universities among which the majority opts to pursue a career in various fields engineering. Engineers must have to go through EA assessment process. In the case of a three phase fault, all the phases became unavailable so I used another port of the relay driver to make aseparate connection toalternate power sources like inverter or battery. I was able to accomplish it on time which made it even more praiseworthy. In order to get the optimum efficiency in steady state and the highest torque response in transient state at the same time, I adjusted the flux level automatically via controller. I determined the frequency of the pulses using the formula;.

To control more devices, similar circuits can be built and cascaded.

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