Business plan ppt for investors

Arouse Interest Immediately Because investors make their decisions in the first thirty seconds of your presentation, start your pitch by telling them everything you are going to tell them. Their use of flowchart and icons make it one of the best pitch decks available.

Investors will want to know how their money is being used and how it is going to help you achieve the goals you are setting out for your business. Their solution uses real-time tracking and instant legal proof-of-delivery.

startup investor presentation ppt

Business model How are you planning to make money? What we love about this pitch deck is that in 18 slides it manages to take the audience beyond the numbers, and offers an overview of the market, its flaws, and how they do things differently.

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business plan ppt for investors

Although the number is not huge, it presents the potential and how their brand has a nationwide presence.

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6 Strategies for Presenting Your Business Plan