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Both texts depict a futuristic, dystopian society in which individuality is destroyed in favour of faceless conformity. Hence, genetic modification should not be used to enhance human characteristics Although scientists are looking into cloning, people argue that cloning humans is morally wrong. The main advance is genetic engineering and the ability to extract potential diseases of 'faults' from a persons DNA, and the ability to conduct DNA testing within seconds rather than the weeks that it currently takes. With these two films we will discuss Technology and ethics. Technology uses science to solve problems. How might it be illustrated in the film. Genetic testing lets the doctor see if their patient is likely to have a genetic disease and makes choosing a medicine that will help treat it much easier. Throughout GATTACA, the ability to create improved, even superior forms of human life as a positive development through eugenics is shown as well as arousing questions about the moral implications of such engineering. While he is an acclaimed professor if government, he has also delved deeply into the ethics of biotechnology. Social construction of reality is the act of a person shapes his reality following the ideas of a group or culture. In fact, every object in the film has a Fifties look to it, yet every thing was operated with future technology The movie is set in a place called Gattaca. Not Vincent Freemans. Human cloning is normal in Gattaca.

This place is a highly advanced. While society continues to limit Vincent by denying him entry to programs, he looks to his own dreams for support.

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These traits allow him to achieve his dream of traveling to space despite barriers. This assumes that to manipulate human genetics is justifiable and that human nature is a flaw.

However, if this power is misused, the damage could be very great. It allows for doctors to read the human genome and see different traits about a person or zygote. One medicine that stands out is steroids.

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He must even endure a painful lengthening surgery and recovery before he can even try his new identity in public. They have unreal technology like, the machines that determines health issues and life expectancy right at birth. Vincent must pay for his new life on a janitors salary and in personal sacrifices to become Jerome, but his focus doesnt waver. Both the society that Vincent is born into and his parents believe that he could never achieve his dream of space travel, but that did not keep Vincent from believing in himself. The sterile environment captures a strictly controlled ambience favouring genetic perfection above anything else. Pleasantville - Imagine starting your day and not having a clue of what to do, but you begin to list the different options and routes you can take to eventually get from point A to point B. Well thanks to scientific advancement people can start moving cloning more into science and less into fiction. It makes one think, "where do you draw the line in the advancement of eugenics? Technology uses science to solve problems. Genetic engineering is used to make humans perfect, well perfect for their parents. She grew very fond of Vincent but she thought he would not be interested since she was not as perfect as him. More specifically, Science Fiction movies allow us to explore examples of utopian or dystopian societies. The movie described a world with genetically modified humans, modified at birth to be the perfect child their parents always wanted. The separate classes had stark divisions, from what jobs that you were able to apply for to where you could eat. When talking about neo eugenics, it is believed that it may turn into something similar to that of eugenics in that the use of artificial selection would now be used to bring the upper class higher in standards of health and

I believe in the film Gattaca the happiness or in other the words utility of utilitarianism, of the lives of those deemed invalid was sacrificed. Vincent although seemingly cursed with an imperfect genetic composition manages to overcome considerable odds in order to achieve his dream of space travel Tonight we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Gattaca by analysing the techniques text producers employ to construct representations of social issues relating to marginalised groups.

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Social construction of reality is the act of a person shapes his reality following the ideas of a group or culture. Egg donation, karyomapping and IVF allow for parents to create this child they want. This has led to profound ethical dilemmas. Formal rationality is the set of pre-determined criteria that we use to make decisions and conduct activities. Irene is an attractive and intelligent woman, also employee at Gattaca. While living as Jerome Morrow he faced many obstacles, but still he pushed toward the stars. Vincent cheats through society by posing as the genetically perfect Jerome Morrow. Gattaca explores complex presumptions of identity and individuality. Vincent and Jerome are major individuals who ignore their genetic state. Jurassic Park on the other hand is a film about bringing dinosaurs back to life, while also causing massive chaos. The idea of parents designing the genetic makeup of their offspring makes children seem like a commodity in a genetic free market. Without the promise of anything more than the life he has, Vincent pushes himself physically and mentally to become better. Social interaction has a lot to do with social construct reality. Today, genetic testing is prevalent in many aspects of the scientific community. Without the media, life would not be as it is.
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