An introduction to the analysis of discriminatory

When a screening process produces a disparity for a particular group, to what do we attribute that gap? Was it the college admissions committee? Promote or not?

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The black-box nature of the human mind also means that we cannot easily simulate counterfactuals. Numerous economic examples fit this condition. The law forbids discrimination by algorithm, and that prohibition can be implemented by regulating the process through which algorithms are designed.

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Kemp, USbut some civil rights statutes do. Yet much of the time, considerations of factors like race is what antidiscrimination law seeks to prevent though in this setting, the legal result is not entirely clear Loving v. Feeney, U.


Consider the famous experiment by Sherif et al. If so, it would seem difficult for the employer to defend its choice of its objective. And some Asian Americans, among other minority groups, have poorer access to health care services and treatments than whites Institute of Medicine, To make our ideas concrete, consider a case in which a real estate company is accused of gender discrimination in hiring.

None does.

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What tradeoff do we find acceptable? May I use the Xerox machine, because I have to make copies? Give credit to or not? None does. Yet, although the panel was asked to consider racial discrimination, Hispanics a rapidly growing ethnic population also face discrimination. For example, public officials are not permitted to favor men over women or white people over black people. Indeed, social psychological research suggests that relatively automatic and unexamined cognitive processes, of which the holder and sometimes the target may not be fully aware, can lead to discrimination Devine, ; Fiske, The specificity of algorithms also makes transparent tradeoffs among competing values.
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Discrimination in the Age of Algorithms