An analysis of the as i lay dying a novel by american author william faulkner

Faulkner spent brief periods of time in the literary capitals of the s, Paris and New York; in New Orleans in he met Sherwood Anderson, who encouraged him to try writing fiction.

Wikimedia Commons As I Lay Dying is the third novel Faulkner set in his imagined Yoknapatawpha County, which is based on north-eastern Mississippi, where he spent most of his life.

Kate Tull — Cora and Vernon's other daughter. It is partly supported by the fact that his insight allows access to information and behaviors cunningly concealed; he also acts outspokenly and confronts his siblings.

Thus, the harshness of the quest has a most negative impact on his already sensitive mind. After a trip to Europe, Faulkner began to write of the fictitious Yoknapatawpha County, which was representative of Lafayette County, Mississippi.

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Jewel keeps to himself, and is distinctly different from his brothers; he wants only to return home so that he can be apart from his family.

What is Faulkner up to here? Instead of using the traditional third-person narrator that most readers associate with the author, he directs a chorus of voices that intertwine, complement, and contradict one another.

An analysis of the as i lay dying a novel by american author william faulkner

His style of writing and creative use of diction has made him a favorite among many to read. Through the thoughts of Darl Bundren the reader comes to understand what is going on within the family.

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Each character grows stronger and stronger each passage. Darl is victimized and violently attacked by his siblings. Valery Bon, and other female characters in these three novels.

Until death, Faulkner continued to create works of literature, including both short stories and novels.

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