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But we must let the readers decide for themselves. They say emotion commands attention and fosters a communal feeling. Read on for a wealth of tips on writing a news report, as well as a few helpful examples.

Inverted pyramid Edit Journalism instructors usually describe the organization or structure of a news story as an inverted pyramid. The most important structural element of a story is the lede —namely contained in the story's first sentence.

Don't use too many commas. Each paragraph should introduce a new idea and, like sentences, be short and to the point.

For example: According to a police report, the suspect threatened the cashier with a gun before running away with the money. When she turned the money over to zoo officials, she joked that all the animals were not behind bars.

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Editorial policy dictates the use of adjectives, euphemisms, and idioms. News writers try to avoid using the same word more than once in a paragraph sometimes called an "echo" or "word mirror". In a small way, it boils down to "why should they care?

Unlike a lede, a billboard rarely gives everything away. A feature's first paragraphs often relate an intriguing moment or event, as in an "anecdotal lede".

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News Writing Fundamentals