Acid attacks under ipc

Mostly, acid attacks are inflicted against women because they transgress conventional norms that relegate women to subordinate positions. To provide monthly allowance to certain victims of acid attacks; and 9.

Acid attacks under ipc

For preventing acid attacks, the Supreme Court has completely prohibited the counter sale of the chemical unless the seller maintains a recording of the address and other details of the buyer, and the quantum. The horrific act of attacking people with acid has been taking place across different parts of country. In early 19th and 20th century throwing Vitriol became not only a method of causing immense pain but also of rending him or her unattractive, this in part explains the preferred use of 'Acid' in sexually charged disputes. These sections of compensation to the casualty were embedded after the suggestion of the Justice J. The order is said to be the first such following recommendations of the Verma Committee on acid attack. It said criminal amendment Act, A and B came into force with effect from February 3, following the recommendations made by the Verma Committee to curb rampant acid attacks on women. The accused was convicted under Section and was imprisoned for 7 years.

As a result of the attack the victims face,arms and other parts of the body were severely deformed and disfigured. Most acid attacks are carried out by the people known to the victims.

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So, if it is established by the prosecution, then the above two Sections A or B IPC will come into play, de hors other than whether the injury is simple or grievous as defined under Section IPC," the judge said.

Crime is not something which has been created by God; it is the creature of human being. To provide that any reconstructive cosmetic surgeries shall be treated as medical treatment in case of acid attack victims. They may not be able to work, or be able to find a job, and thus perpetually struggle to survive.

Section 376a states

Section C of the Indian Penal Code states that all healing facilities, open or private, regardless of whether they are run by the Central Government, the State Government or some other individual, should instantly, give the emergency treatment or therapeutic treatment to the casualty. Mostly the acid is thrown at the face of victim, burning them, and damaging skin tissue and sometimes dissolving the bones. The matter relates to an appeal filed by M Siluvai Murugan of Coimbatore seeking to set aside the order of Additional Assistant Sessions Court sentencing him to 10 years rigorous imprisonment and fine of Rs 10, for throwing acid on the woman in Secondly, the section does not cover the act of administering acid. Once it was easily available in markets of western Europe and USA, it began to be used for criminal purposes, specially in labor clashes and domestic disputes wherein it became a weapon of choice. Laxmi a young girl was subject to an acid attack following her refusal to marry the accused. COM I. The minimum punishment is 10 years imprisonment. All these factors provide a convincing enough argument for the government to find substitutes for the prevalent cotton seed treatment.

The accused was convicted under section and section of the IPC and sentenced to rigorous 3. In countries like Pakistan, highly concentrated acid is used to remove lint from cotton seed, as it is a cheap way to obtain clean seeds ready to be replanted.

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Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Provided that any fine levied under this section shall be given to the person on whom acid has been thrown or administered. In most of these cases Hydrochloric and Sulphuric acid were used and all the victims were women. It also states that any fine forced under this area should be paid to the casualty. Apart from the above we feel that the distribution and sale of Acid should be banned except for commercial and scientific purposes. The proposed Section A will read as follows- A. Now a days there has been an increase in crimes against men too, mostly related to disputes over land and other property. Section A and Section B of Indian Penal Code includes punishment which is given to an accused which read as follow: Section A lays down the punishment for acid throwing. In Parivartan Kendra v UOI[42], two dalit girls of Bihar, who were attacked by four assailants who threw acid on the face and bodies of the girls while they were sleeping on their rooftops. The Government should also arrange proper medical care and effective rehabilitation program given to victims of acid attack. The recommendations of the Justice A S Verma Committee were incorporated in the Criminal Law Amendment Act , which came into force from April 3, bringing several changes in sexual offence laws including a new section of A to Indian Penal Code, the judge said. Acid should not be sold to any person under 18 and all stocks must be declared with the local sub-divisional magistrate SDM within 15 days.

In most of these cases Hydrochloric and Sulphuric acid were used and all the victims were women.

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Laws and Punishment For Acid Attack In India