A place from hell was it really just a dream

The problem is not just that the universe has no place for hell: it has no time for it either.

dream about someone you dont talk to anymore

Meet VY Canis Majoris God made the Earth for a bunch of meat-sack soul-containers to bump into each other and start wars and buy over-priced health insurance, for no reason.

Sincerely, God, Your loving cosmic overlord.

So let's not get too hung up on "me playing God" and let's just enjoy the show. Furthermore, they despise and reject God's incessant, merciful invitations to do penance. How can a mere mortal know such mysteries of divine judgment? I don't even want you to talk sense into me, Moses. So I could have the lyrics wrong? Therefore, if Hell exists anywhere in this universe, it must be in the largest star. The Tracker: I hear the same thing. Above it stood this inscription: "These shall go into everlasting punishment. I took a few steps forward and saw that many of those poor wretches were savagely striking at each other like mad dogs. I did. In that regard, the storm stirred up by Proof of Heaven only obscures the wider significance of the afterlife books. Still worried you might find yourself in a leaky rowboat in a lake of fire? It is just a remote rim of Hell itself.

I then asked my guide why, and he explained that the damned are totally deprived of freedom. And standing there in the total darkness getting attacked by demons, unable to ever talk to anyone ever again and unable to even say God or Jesus, I just new that I was lost forever and that there was no hope and no way to ever get out of there.

Just then the entire ceiling of the cave became as transparent as crystal and revealed a patch of Heaven and their radiant companions safe for all eternity.

A place from hell was it really just a dream

As a matter of fact, I did start back, but my guide ignored my attempt. Within Roman Catholicism, notes Smith College world religion professor Carol Zaleski, the last three pontiffs, including Pope Francis, have all been supportive of the late Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar, who taught that Catholics have a duty to hope and pray for an empty hell, for the salvation of all.

what does it mean when you dream about talking to someone
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