A look at the issue of contraception

Luker,p. Snow R. Correa S.

why contraception is wrong

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Seventh, and of mounting urgency, there is the need to address the growing burden of the sexually transmitted diseases and the ways in which they intersect—or do not intersect—with contraception.

is contraception morally wrong?

Public and private payers can contribute to efforts to improve contraceptive access by working with health care providers to ensure appropriate payment for clinician services and to provide reimbursement for contraceptive devices at acquisition cost levels.

It's just trying […] to get them to think about […] the gap between what they think they're doing, and what they're actually doing. Perceptions of the safety of oral contraceptives among a predominantly Latina population in Texas. These interviews were carried out as part of a broader study which set out to address Scottish health professionals' accounts of contemporary abortion practice Beynon-Jones,in press.

Beforethat availability, for men and for women, was limited to the irreversible options of male and female sterilization and the reversible methods of the condom and withdrawal for men, a few barrier methods for women, and periodic abstinence, all of which had relatively high failure rates when not used consistently and carefully.

There are at least two possible explanations.

supporting contraception

Berg; Oxford:

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Why Contraception is a Health Issue for Everyone