A description of the collective unconscious

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It is the part that links the inner and outer worlds together, forming how we relate to that which is external to us. Some people have developed more of one or two of these facets than the others, which shapes how they perceive the world around them. Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

Last Updated: Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. Dream analysis Freud was a pioneer in the use of dreams to explore the unconscious.

The anima is said to represent the feminine in men and the animus is the comparable counterpart in the female psyche. It is often projected outwards on individuals or groups, who are then thought to embody all the immature, evil, or repressed elements of the individual's own psyche.

It is an artificial personality that compromises a person's real individuality and society's expectations—usually society's demands take precedence. According to the Collected Works editors, the essay was translated by M.

As well as being a cultural icon for generations of psychology undergraduates Jung, therefore, put forward ideas which were important to the development of modern personality theory. The phenomenology of the spirit in fairy tales.

Epiphanies of this sort are, in the tradition, often associated with fire and light. Sometimes a phobia of snakes ophidiophobia manifests in children even when there is no apparent traumatic origin for their fear.

It often appears as grandfather, sage, magician, king, doctor, priest, professor, or any other authority figure.

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The Concept of Jung's Collective Unconscious Explained